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Dead Effect 2

High-quality and exciting mobile shooters are not frequent visitors. Blame the awkward controls, poor graphics, or monotony of the gameplay. To the delight of all fans of the dynamic and colorful action, Dead Effect 2 was released.


Badfinger Games and the "great" shooting range Glu Mobile tirelessly scribble the same shooting games that make zombies look like cardboard targets. Thanks to such mobile entertainment, the new Dead Effect 2 becomes real salvation. Why? Let's find out.


The first thing that attracts the new Sagittarius is an unusual place. Instead of a ruined city or an unnamed catacomb, the protagonist begins working on a distant space station. The ominous experiments and a series of unpleasant events caused the ship, which was wandering in the dark space, to be struck by the living dead.


In the second part, pseudo-scientific skills were added to the usual combat system. The characters scatter evil spirits in the corners, open kinetic shields, activate black holes, and learn how to control lightning. You can find similar tricks in the popular saga about Mass Effect. But if such skills were important for a tactical advantage over the opponent, then the skills are just a good feature here.


Dead Effect 2 is high quality and beautiful shooter for scary but very annoying zombies. The developers have not created anything revolutionary and have not been surprised with an unconventional approach. However, if you are looking for an atmospheric and bloody zombie shooter, we recommend that you download Dead Effect 2.