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Among Us

Unveiled in 2018, Among Us by Innersloth managed to take the gaming world by storm in 2020. The game successfully transports the thrilling experience of in-person social deduction games like Mafia and Werewolf into the digital realm, playable on PC, mobile, and consoles. Despite a few technical hiccups, the game's engrossing multiplayer action and unique mechanics have kept players consistently engaged. 

The Gameplay: A Simplified Yet Intricate Affair

Among Us offers a simple premise that is easy to grasp yet hard to master. The game pits eight crew members inside a compact, cartoonish spaceship, where they must complete various mini-games to progress. Two hidden impostors lurk among them, their objective: subtly eliminate the crew until they are equal or outnumber them. This balance of simplicity and intricate strategy creates a game that is easy to get into but difficult to fully master. The real challenge lies in outsmarting other players, not just outplaying a computer. 

The Artwork: Light-Hearted Yet Engaging

The visual aesthetics of Among Us are appealing and whimsical, featuring humorous astronauts traversing various decks and bays within the spaceship. This lighthearted approach serves to reduce the tension involved in deceiving and being deceived by friends round after round. The graphics, reminiscent of doodles in a notebook, also make interaction with the game environment intuitive and enjoyable, enabling newcomers to quickly grasp the game mechanics without much assistance.

The Tasks: Simple Yet Tension-Filled

The tasks assigned to the crew members are essentially a variety of mini-games, testing memory and hand-eye coordination. These tasks, which cover a significant portion of the screen, are designed to build tension. Even the simplest task of watching a progress bar fill up can create a sense of impending doom when you know impostors are lurking, ready to strike when you let your guard down.

The Impostor Role: Deceptively Fun

Playing as an impostor brings a separate layer of thrill and strategy to the game. It demands a blend of skills, from isolating your target to deceiving your friends over in-game text chat or external voice apps such as Discord when necessary. Using vents to escape after committing a deed is a handy trick, but being seen in two unrelated rooms can give away your secret. 

The Detective Role: A Thrilling Hunt

Playing as a crewmate turns the game into an exhilarating detective quest, keeping track of everyone's locations, their possible alibi, and exposing their lies in each meeting. Successfully leading the crew or the impostor to victory can be incredibly rewarding, as you navigate the psychological aspects of the game, learning to read the tells of other players and convincing them of your innocence or someone else's guilt.


  • Easy-to-understand gameplay with deep strategic depth;
  • Whimsical artwork creates a light-hearted atmosphere;
  • Variety of mini-games to test your skills;
  • The impostor role brings a unique layer of thrill and strategy;
  • Playing as a crewmate turns the game into a thrilling detective quest;


  • Some technical hitches need to be ironed out;
  • Can be frustrating for newcomers until they learn how to play effectively;
  • Limited variation in-game environment and tasks;


Among Us is a game that successfully blends simplicity, strategy, and psychological warfare into an engaging package. Its unique gameplay, charming visuals, and the thrill of playing both as an impostor and a crewmate make it a game worth investing your time in. Despite a few technical shortcomings, it offers a rewarding multiplayer experience that keeps you coming back for more. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a novice, Among Us is a game that offers something for everyone.

Among Us Logo
Author: InnerSloth LLC
Latest Version: 2020.9.9
Publish Date: September 29, 2020
Size: 70M
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