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My Friendly Neighborhood

DreadXP and Szymanski Brothers have developed an incredibly distinct survival horror video game, My Friendly Neighborhood, released in 2023. The game thrusts players into an eerily fascinating and engaging scenario where they are not just fighting against enemies but exploring a foreboding story.

Game World: A Dark Twist on Childhood Memories

Behind the veil of a seemingly innocuous children's program hides a grim and twisted reality. The engaging plot unfolds in a studio where a beloved children's series once aired. Endlessly intriguing, the studio started broadcasting again many years after going off-air. Playing as Gordon O'Brian, a repairman tasked with investigating the peculiar occurrences, we're pulled into a strange narrative that's as compelling as it is terrifying.

Gameplay: Survival, Strategy, and Suspense 

The game presents players with a formidable challenge: evading or outmaneuvering the studio's now-sentient puppet inhabitants, intent on Gordon's elimination. However, confrontations aren't merely about brute force – strategy and resources play a key role. Each confrontation with the menacing puppets demands careful planning and the strategic use of your limited supplies, including a scarce stockpile of duct tape, an essential tool to keep defeated enemies immobilized.

One particularly engaging component of gameplay is the option to deploy improvised handheld artillery in defense. Standout examples include an incredibly unforgettable letter-shooting weapon reminiscent of a shotgun. However, ammunition and other power-ups are remarkably limited, further pulsing tension into the already chilling ambiance.

Impressions: The Perfect Balance of Tense Horror  and Puzzle-Solving

My Friendly Neighborhood mixes suspense, mystery, and puzzling elements to bring a balanced gameplay experience. The horror isn't overbearing, but just enough to keep you on your toes. Moreover, the beauty and creativity in this game lie further in the small yet vital decisions that players must make. Small actions and choices can lead to one of several different endings, adding tremendously to the game's replayability.

The Aesthetics: A Dose of Creepy Charm

The visual aspect plays a huge role in setting the game's tone, and it does not disappoint. The depiction of the studio and its eerie puppet inhabitants is unsettling yet intriguing. The developers clearly paid close attention to detail, fashioning a set that Slant Magazine aptly described as "truly exceptional". 

Critical Reception: High Praise for a Unique Game 

Despite the genre, gore isn't the spotlight here. Instead, the focus is on delivering consistent thrills and cultivating a sense of impending doom. Critics admired how the developers managed to marry the charm and nostalgia of a children’s puppet show with horror elements in a rather ingenious narrative.


  • Unique narrative set in an eerie studio;
  • Gameplay provides balanced horror, suspense, and puzzle-solving elements;
  • High replay value due to multiple possible endings;
  • Exceptionally crafted aesthetics match the genre and narrative.


  • Some players might find the horror elements a bit understated;
  • Limited power-ups and resources can make gameplay overly challenging for some.

Overall: A Must-Try For Horror Lovers

In conclusion, My Friendly Neighborhood is aptly recommended for those seeking a unique experience in the realm of survival horror video games. It may not be excessively scary, but it offers a truly compelling narrative, thoughtful puzzle-solving elements, and a delightful concoction of nostalgia and fright. With its impressive attention to detail, engaging gameplay mechanics, and excellently executed world-building, it is indeed a hidden gem not to be missed.

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