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Metal Soldiers 2

A brutal blonde with a gun and a bandage in her hair makes her way through an area occupied by extremely unfriendly people. Most likely it is some kind of military base, as there are a lot of military personnel and even helicopters. Here's how the Metal Soldiers game begins.


His task is predictable: to kill anyone who stands in his way and move on. But there is one difference that distinguishes Metal Soldiers from several similar games: the character's time is very limited. Why this is so is not explained, but the fact remains.


From the beginning, there are only 25 seconds of free time to find the next watch, which takes another five seconds. And so it is all the time. In general, time is a much tougher enemy here than the entire enemy army combined - it's not as hard to shoot everyone and fall anywhere as it is to have time to get somewhere before time runs out.


Interestingly, in Metal Soldiers, after death, you can resurrect in the same place and continue the game. This option costs only a few coins (play the money that is collected when you pass a level).


Another original feature of the action is that everyone is killed with one shot: simple enemies, helicopters, and the main character. No medical strips, first aid kits, or anything else. Everything is simple and brutal - a pass and the level starts all over again or the gold is spent on reviving it.