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Hitman Sniper

Hitman: The sniper, of course, is very, very far from the real computer Hitman, you shouldn't expect anything like this from the game in terms of gameplay and graphics. But that's good in itself, especially for the truck genre.


The attacker, as usual, performs missions to eliminate this or that person. Only in the mobile version is the entire preparatory part removed (penetration, theft, hiding). The mission begins with the hero, who is already sitting at a suitable point with an excellent view. All we have to do is follow the victim in the telescopic sight and shoot him.


It sounds boring, but not everything is so scary and bad. First, aiming a sniper rifle seems nice and believable. The view is quite realistic, you can only hold your breath with bated breath, like most sniper shooters.


Second, missionary work is rarely limited to worldly murder. Customers have complete orders with imagination, so there will be more than enough exotic requirements. For example, during one of the murders, the client wants to shoot someone in a room with a hot tub in advance and put a corpse in that very hot tub. Is it illogical? Of course, but the gameplay comes to life.

What sets Hitman: Sniper apart is the graphics. This is the best, most detailed, and realistic for a tablet or smartphone. Not worse than many computer games, there are no typical simplifications, cartoons, and the like. Everything is very beautiful and believable. The wonderful atmospheric soundtrack only enhances the positive experience.


Hitman: Sniper is a beautiful, realistic sniper shooting range with excellent graphics. If you don't compare yourself to the original and don't feel sad about the lack of camouflage, you can enjoy the game a lot.