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Prison Break: Lockdown (Free)

The real quests that are so common today are based on computer quests. But Amphibious Developers Prison Break seems to be inspired by real quests. And that makes it a wonderful and exclusive project!


The plot is simple: you have to get out of prison with all available means.


The first thing worth mentioning about Prison Break: Lockdown is the plausibility and consistency of all the actions that the player must take. All objects are used either for their intended purpose or creatively, but in such a way that this method can easily hit the head of a normal person in a healthy condition.


Interestingly, Jailbreak has been announced as an action game in Playmarket. Maybe this is an attempt by developers to find their audience from gamers. Those who are tired of the Quests quests that flooded the internet. Those who understand that Quest is a game where you have to think, not just click to go through possible combinations. If you are ready to plunge headlong into the virtual world, you will enjoy the prepared puzzles and their solutions ... If so, then this marketing step is very interesting.


Prison Break: Lockdown can be described as a real hardcore quest from the old school, a rare gem in the world of modern games of the genre. The game reminds you what the real search should be, even if the Android platform imposes some restrictions.