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Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker

Does it seem that something new and surprising can be added to the old and well-known Arcandoid? The magic wand hits the ball, which breaks the bricks on top, catches bonuses, avoids debuffs - everything is simple and does not innovate.


Nevertheless, Anodia 2 may surprise even those who consider themselves experts in the genre. The gameplay remains the same: there is a stick, a ball that must be destroyed ... no, no dice. More precisely, not just cubes. So big bubbles. And everyone has their special qualities that you can't guess: you just have to find out along the way and remember about the future. One of these qualities: they can fly away and prevent the ball from hitting them. And since the levels and bubbles are random, the first attempts to complete each level will inevitably be researched.


The toy has many bonuses and weaknesses. Fortunately, all their meanings can be viewed in a special help section in the main menu.


The unusual finding of Anodia 2 is the creation of air vortices. You can touch a spot on the screen with your finger and a small vortex will form there. The ball not only flies through it but turns inside as if caught in a whirlwind. Very useful feature with a wide variety of applications.