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Backflip Studio managed to combine opposite genres in its creation: a simulator of a city building and a simulator of an adventure pirate. The union turned out to be surprisingly harmonious and interesting.


Many years ago, an old pirate founded the village of Accordia, where everyone lives in peace, harmony, and prosperity. But then the giant monster Leviathan sails to the shores of the happy island. The captain went to fight the monster with the team, but it turned out to be stronger. The village collapsed and the inhabitants fled. But the captain had a daughter (or son of our choice) who would like to continue his father's business and restore his old size to the Accordia.


The island looks destroyed and at first, there is not a single whole structure. But gradually the first house is repaired, a team is recruited ... and the game begins. There are fishermen, warriors, merchants - they all have their functions. For example, a fisherman catches fish, which must then be handed over to a trader. Sounds pretty banal, what is there to admire? The point is that every action in Seabeard must be done manually. To catch a fish, you have to swim to the island where it was found, throw a fishing rod at a fishing spot and pull it, pull it towards you and hold the line while the fish tries to get off the hook. The more expensive the catch, the harder the mini-game becomes.