Dive Into the Depths of These Incredible Games Similar to Dark Souls

Frederick Jones


Dive Into the Depths of These Incredible Games Similar to Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a game that has become something of an institution in gaming circles, and for a good reason. Its unique blend of action-RPG combat, unforgiving difficulty levels, and rich environment make it an unforgettable experience for its fans. If you're a fan of FromSoftware's iconic and punishingly difficult game, Dark Souls, then you know how hard it is to find another game that can match its level of challenge. But don't worry – there are plenty of great alternatives out there! Here’s a list of some of the best games, like Dark Souls, that will keep your gaming soul satisfied.


This action-adventure RPG from the same developers as the Dark Souls series is something fans should not miss. Players take on the role of a hunter in Yharnam, fighting off hordes of monsters and unraveling dark mysteries along their journey. Like its predecessor, Bloodborne features intense combat with incredibly diverse weapons and enemies, which require careful strategic planning to defeat. The gothic atmosphere also serves as an excellent backdrop for this brutally challenging title.


If you liked the hack-and-slash elements in Dark Souls but want something more focused on combat, then Nioh may be just what you need. Set during Japan’s Warring States period, players become William Adams – an Irish sailor searching for his lost love amidst intense battles with supernatural creatures known as Yokai. With exhilarating swordplay and satisfyingly deep weapon customization options, Nioh stands apart from other titles with its unique blend of samurai culture and folklore.

Nioh game

Demon’s Souls

The spiritual predecessor to Dark Souls offers up an equally challenging experience without all the bells and whistles added by its successor series. Demon’s Souls features a world full of dangerous traps, deadly foes, and unpredictable bosses – perfect for gamers looking for an old-school challenge where death comes often but is quickly forgotten thanks to fast respawn times. As one could expect from FromSoftware, weapons, armor sets, spells, and even NPCs are all wonderfully varied and detailed enough to keep players engaged long after they've conquered Boletaria’s dungeons once before.

Darkest Dungeon

An entirely different breed than most other entries on this list; instead, managing adventurers through turn-based dungeon crawling rather than fighting alongside them against demonic forces or dueling swordsmen in feudal Japan – but still no less grueling because of it! In this Lovecraftian roguelike, players manage their teams' mental health while trying to survive various dungeon runs without becoming overwhelmed by stress or despair in order to uncover powerful rewards locked away within these cursed locations. Oh yeah, did we mention that death is permanent here? No matter how many times your team falls victim to ambush or disease, each run starts anew, so prepare yourself for some nail-biting moments!

Darkest Dungeon game

Salt & Sanctuary

Skull Island Interactive brings us Salt & Sanctuary – blending together classic 2D platformers such as Castlevania with everything we know about From Software's beloved franchise into one surprisingly successful package! You play as an unnamed sailor whose ship has been wrecked at sea only to be washed ashore on a mysterious island filled with all sorts of horrors ranging from giant crabs, zombie-like monsters, and even monstrous knights clad in armor reminiscent of those seen in our favorite medieval fantasy RPGs. If anything, this title feels like playing through any classic Castlevania entry, except things have been ramped up several levels due to difficulty-wise, so be prepared cause dying here means starting over again from scratch, as any good soul should offer us!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Next up is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – an epic fantasy open-world RPG from CD Projekt Red that continues Geralt's story from previous titles in the series. Choose between playing on foot or horseback as you explore vast lands filled with mythical creatures, ancient ruins, dungeons, and more, all presented with stunning visuals thanks to its advanced graphics engine. Combat is turn-based but still offers enough challenge to keep things interesting throughout your playthroughs despite its slower pace compared to other action games like Dark Souls.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game


If sci-fi survival better suits your tastes, then there’s always Elex. Set in a beautiful yet dangerous alien planet called Magalan, where three powerful factions battle over resources, players will have access to technology such as jetpacks or mechs while they attempt to bring balance back into this chaotic land. On top of surviving against hostile aliens, players will also be able to craft weapons, create items, build settlements, choose factions, and much more - making Elex one of the most comprehensive RPGs around today.

Dying Light

If zombie slaying is more your thing, then you can't go past Dying Light. Players must survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by flesh-hungry monsters while searching for supplies and weapons to aid their mission. You'll need quick reflexes to dodge attacks from all sides as well as some great problem-solving skills as you traverse through treacherous environments using parkour moves and stealth tactics.

In conclusion, all eight games mentioned above offer similar experiences akin to those found within Dark Souls. Still, only each one adds its own unique spin, whether that's building settlements or crafting weapons, so maybe it is worth checking a few out first before deciding which one best fits your preferences.