Xbox Emphasizes on Next-Gen Hardware with The Biggest Technological Revolution Yet

Frederick Jones


Xbox Emphasizes on Next-Gen Hardware with The Biggest Technological Revolution Yet

Sarah Bond, the president of Xbox, has hinted at the company's vision of bringing forth an unprecedented technological revolution in the next-generation hardware. In a recent episode of the Official Xbox Podcast, Bond revealed the company's intention to introduce advancements in hardware like never before. The upcoming holiday season is set to witness some thrilling hardware-related news, fuelling eager anticipation towards the end of the year.

“We are driven by the aim of being a flag-bearer in introducing the biggest technological advancements in a hardware generation. Our focus remains on making it an enhanced experience for both players and creators," Bond declared. This investment in the next-gen roadmap promises a thrilling journey for Xbox enthusiasts.

The podcast also brought forward exciting news for the fans to delve into. It confirmed Xbox's plan to extend four of its console exclusives to other platforms. The move follows weeks of speculations regarding the diversification of Xbox games into multi-platform releases.

On this note, Microsoft Gaming’s head, Phil Spencer, put forward that the company’s fundamental exclusive strategy remains unchanged despite the move. The games that will witness a shift into multi-platform aren’t known yet. However, he did hint towards two of them being “community-driven,” while the other two were “smaller games that weren’t exactly conceived as platform exclusives.” None of the games lined up includes Starfield or Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

Although the release dates of the four games are still under wraps, Spencer shared that plans are in motion and updates aren't far away.