Ubisoft Facing Backlash for Revoking Titles from User Libraries

Frederick Jones


Ubisoft Facing Backlash for Revoking Titles from User Libraries

Ubisoft, the celebrated video game publisher, has recently come under significant criticism for revoking bought games from user libraries without prior notification. According to various reports, numerous Ubisoft players recently found accounts they had purchased removed.

If you fail to log in, it's over - any purchases made via your Ubisoft account and any record of time spent, achievements, etc., on the company's platform will be deleted. It appears that today, even purchasing a game doesn't guarantee perpetual ownership.

This approach has been severely criticized online, drawing comparisons from gamers to a car that explodes if unused for 30 days. If your Ubisoft account has been inactive, you will receive an email prompting you to log in within 30 days to avoid account closure. action from Ubisoft's end has not helped clarify matters.

As the storm gathers around Ubisoft, it highlights the need for more transparent policies and efficient communication, especially when dealing with matters that directly impact user experiences. To regain trust, the company needs to offer clear explanations and ensure quick restoration of improperly removed titles, alleviating its customers' frustrations and concerns.