Pokemon Director Confirms Existing Problems With the Game's Production

Eleanor Lee


Pokemon Director Confirms Existing Problems With the Game's Production

The annual Pokemon Journeys game has recently been the subject of discussion on Twitter. Players were asked to comment on the existing problems of this season of the game.

The 25th season of the annual game is coming to a close. The audience watched Ash's challenging fights throughout the tournament and how he moved step by step closer to his victory. Some of the battles were quite difficult, and sometimes players doubted that Ash could make it to the finals. For example, he lost to Leon during one of their battles. However, the finale promises to be intriguing as Ash and Leon reach the final stage. Now viewers will have to see their last battle.

The game quality somewhat overshadowed the intriguing story. Users have been puzzled for some time and wondered what was wrong with their favorite game. The discussion on Twitter brought a little clarity to this situation. A Pokemon Journeys fan reached out to the developers in his tweet, asking for an explanation of the problem with the game. OLM's animation director laconically replied that the company was banally short of people. He added that the audience had a hunch that something was happening behind the game scenes. He also confirmed the problem existed. 

After seeing this response, fans decided to understand the situation more. They studied some reports on the number of employees that OLM had submitted. Indeed, over the past couple of years, the staff has decreased by more than 100 people. It is unknown what precisely this reduction is related to; maybe, some employees simply ran out of contracts. 

Some Pokemon fans think that OLM should abandon the annual Pokemon Journeys tournament if they experience a shortage of employees. After all, preparing for the annual game is a very time-consuming process. 

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