Palworld Surpasses Initial Expectations, Attracting 19M Players Post Early Access Launch

Frederick Jones


Palworld Surpasses Initial Expectations, Attracting 19M Players Post Early Access Launch

A few weeks into the early access release of Palworld, a survival-crafting game, Pocketpair's official representative, Bucky, shared an unexpected achievement. Before the game’s official unveiling, Bucky came to the realization in May of the previous year that surpassing a threshold of 50,000 players would be an immense challenge.

However, Palworld has seen an overwhelming response across various gaming platforms. Since its launch on January 19, Pocketpair revealed they have gained a staggering 19 million players, playing on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, and through Xbox Game Pass, as of January 31. In addition, the game achieved a significant milestone on Steam by peaking at over 2.1 million simultaneous players. This accomplishment easily overtook the previous record set by Counter-Strike 2 and made Palworld, second to PUBG, which peaked at over 3.25 million, one of Steam's most concurrent played games.

Bucky, in retrospect, confessed that he hadn't foreseen such extensive success for Palworld. He noted that it was a struggle, taking years to even breakeven at 50,000 players. However, he is positive that the journey of Palworld has only just started.

Moreover, the game developers have been dutiful in rolling out updates addressing bugs and other issues identified by the gamer community. Their past week’s fix involved resolving corrupted save data caused by acquiring overflowing Pals in a guild (a multiplayer group). Bucky also hinted at major forthcoming enhancements, including the addition of player vs player mode, raid bosses, and other features.

Meanwhile, if you're a newcomer wanting to traverse the wonderful world of Palworld, you can find some helpful tips on hunting down resources such as Palworld Sulfur, Pal Fluids, Coal, Ore, and more in our guides.