New Flame Ignites in Honkai: Star Rail With the Arrival of Guinaifen!

Frederick Jones


New Flame Ignites in Honkai: Star Rail With the Arrival of Guinaifen!

In the latest revelations from the dynamic universe of Honkai: Star Rail, fans are introduced to Guinaifen, a passionate fire unit from the Nihility path. In the 1.4 version of the game, this fiery entertainer will be joining the roster, adding another vibrant personality and gameplay experience. Along with her, Honkai: Star Rail 1.4 version also welcomes another high-rarity entrance, a five-star character called Topaz from the Hunt Path.

Guinaifen has been fashioned as a vivacious girl who manipulates fire for artistic and entrancing performances. Entertaining people comes quite naturally to her. Adding a touch of warmth to her character is her friendship with another popular character, Sushang. The bond between these two goes back years when Sushang gave Guinaifen her Xianzhou name. The four-star fire character, Guinaifen, brings exciting firecracker-based gameplay, augmenting the Nihility character array.

Every minute detail about her kit and animation has been thoughtfully unveiled by Honkai: Star Rail. Guinaifen is all about adding a spark to the fight. Her moves featuring throwing dynamite to deal Area of Effect (AoE) damage and putting enemies in a state of burn are certainly intriguing. The idle animation demonstrates Guinaifen juggling elegantly with three balls, mirroring her street performance persona. As a fire character specialist, Guinaifen's Eidolon Levels significantly elevate her offensive prowess.

Guinaifen presents an excitingly destructive ultimate move. She hits a golden drum, summons three pets with dynamite-filled mouths, and creates an explosive symphony of AoE damage. Meanwhile, her elemental skill, aptly named "Blazing Welcome," harnesses fire damage on all adversaries. A useful trace in her arsenal allows Guinaifen to inflict greater damage on Burned rivals. Players will need to collect a few special items, including the Artifex's Module and Searing Steel Blade, to ascend this new fire unit. These valuable resources can be procured by completing specific tasks like the Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Scorch and Simulated Universe.

While Guinaifen’s exhilarating playstyle takes the limelight, the upcoming Hunt path unit, Topaz, also deserves a mention. With higher damage capability and a pet sidekick for combat help, this five-star unit is surely set to raise the gameplay experience. The 1.4 version of Honkai: Star Rail is all set to make a fiery entry on November 2 with these two compelling characters. Buckle up, players, it's time to turn up the heat in the game!