Google's Text-to-Speech Engine Should Sound Better on Android

Frederick Jones


Google's Text-to-Speech Engine Should Sound Better on Android

Google is working on a software update that converts text to voice. Google's speech services, which have 421 voices in 67 languages, will soon sound even better. 

Speech Services is an application developed by Google specifically for the Android platform. It can read the text on the screen and reproduces it in a rather loud voice. This function can help read books, playback words in a translator to know the correct pronunciation, and so on. The user just needs to select the desired language. 

Google is currently working on an update to make the voice clearer and more natural. However, some users might have heard the new voice when using, for example, Google Translator or Google Maps voice prompts. Those who have listened to the new voices note that they do sound better, but it is debatable how natural they are. If a person is not a native speaker of the language in which they listen to the prompts, it might still be challenging to understand some of the words. 

The company explained that the new voices worked by default for those who used such applications as Google Translator, Google Maps, etc. People who use the technology of text-to-voice conversion also do not need to do anything because the update will appear by itself. The developer will need a few more weeks to complete the update on all Android devices. 

Google will replace the En-US voice by default with the new dynamics. But if the user did not select the system voice in the settings and used the default one, he would hear the old version. 

In addition to the English version, you can listen to the voice prompts in other languages. Have you already heard the new system voices? Feel free to share your impressions in the comments. Does the voice sound better and more natural, as promised by Google?