Final Fantasy 14 May Soon Offer An Alternate Entry Point For New Players

Frederick Jones


Final Fantasy 14 May Soon Offer An Alternate Entry Point For New Players

Final Fantasy 14, the popular multiplayer online game, may soon be offering an alternate entry point, which would allow potential new players to bypass a large part of its story. This possibility was mentioned by Naoki Yoshida, the game's director, in a recent interview in Famitsu. Known as Yoshi-P within the FF14 community, he revealed that his team has been preparing for this new venture, making this a potential game-changer for the vast inclusion of new players.

The proposed change, if implemented, would ultimately allow players to delve into the story from the latest updates in the game. In essence, individuals could commence their Final Fantasy 14 journey from updates beyond patch 6.0. This proposal is aimed at reducing the intimidatingly vast storyline, potentially encouraging players to join the game who were earlier hesitant due to the lengthy storyline and extensive playtime required.

Despite this potential alteration, Yoshi-P strongly advocated for players, especially new ones, to begin their journey from the game's inception. He reasoned that the game had received various enhancements, especially the improvement of early expansions. He used a relatable analogy, explaining that like a television series that has accrued multiple seasons, it's a natural course to start at the beginning.

However, as promising as this change may sound, it is important to note that it has not been confirmed. As stated by Yoshi-P, they are still contemplating whether this change will be implemented during the release of their latest expansion, Dawntrail. This decision remains at the discretion of the development team and is expected to be revealed closer to the expansion's release.

In conclusion, while many advocates and fans of Final Fantasy 14 cherish and praise its intricate narrative, there's a growing acknowledgment that such a substantial storyline could potentially deter new players. Therefore, the possibility of an alternate entry point is being considered, though it is not without its controversies. Regardless of the ultimate decision, the devoted Final Fantasy 14 community patiently waits for the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, eager to partake in yet another thrilling adventure in the FF14 universe.