Farthest Frontier Set to Introduce Customizable Faith System

Frederick Jones


Farthest Frontier Set to Introduce Customizable Faith System

The city-building game Farthest Frontier, which began its early access phase in 2022, is about to introduce an intriguing game mechanic that is typically expected yet overlooked in many medieval-inspired city-building games — religious structures. Most games in the genre allow players to construct churches or chapels near residential areas to boost citizen happiness or satisfaction, but Farthest Frontier went consciously against the grain by not incorporating this feature until now.

According to Crate Entertainment's designer, who goes by the name Zantai, the omission of religious buildings was intentional. This deliberate move was rooted in their aspiration for a more unique approach towards integrating a faith system into the gameplay. Rather than imposing a fixed religious construct, the idea was to create a customizable faith system. The player would be given the autonomy to define and shape their city's faith and its consequent attributes.

The intention has now transformed into reality, as confirmed by Zantai during a recent Twitch stream. Farthest Frontier is all set to usher in its new feature this August. May you choose piety or place your faith in more secular causes; these choices shall no longer be hypothetical queries but concrete aspects of your city-building strategy.

With the forthcoming 0.9 update, gamers will be endowed with more than just the power of building giant temples within their cities. They can also 'customize their faith' by imbuing these temples with religious relics possessing diverse attributes and effects on your populace — extending bonuses not limited to local villagers but permeating through your entire cityscape.

In conclusion, Crate Entertainment stays true to its promise of creating a more immersive gaming experience by enabling players to customize even their religion in their farthest frontier town-planning endeavors! This novel implementation not only recalibrates how one strategizes within city-building games but also adds an exciting twist as one navigates through potential bonuses and debuffs that influence players' engagement with their created world differently.