Cyberpunk 2077 Enhanced: New 4K Texture Packs for NPCs, Food, and More

Frederick Jones


Cyberpunk 2077 Enhanced: New 4K Texture Packs for NPCs, Food, and More

Cyberpunk 2077 has recently received a fresh batch of stunning 4K texture packs that enhance the visual appearance of various non-playable characters (NPCs), food items, and beverages in the game. Developed by XilaMonstrr, who was also responsible for earlier high-quality texture packs this year, these new additions promise to take the gaming experience to another level.

The main highlight of these updated texture packs is their superior quality achieved through upscaling techniques. Using chaiNNer and ESRGAN models, the textures have been upscaled by four times, resulting in finer details and sharper imagery for several minor NPCs. These enhancements ensure that players can now immerse themselves more deeply into the vibrant world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Available on Nexus Mods, gamers can choose from two different versions of the texture pack – Maximum and Performance editions. Despite catering to varied preferences in terms of graphics quality or system performance trade-offs, both versions are reported to have minimal differences in video RAM (VRAM) usage compared to the original high-quality textures provided by the vanilla game.

This low impact on VRAM means that gamers with varying hardware capabilities can enjoy these enhanced visuals without worrying about compromising their gameplay experience due to potential frame rate drops or other performance issues. By offering visually improved assets at similar resource costs as before, XilaMonstrr’s latest creation allows an even wider range of players to appreciate Cyberpunk 2077's detailed environments.

In conclusion, Cyberpunk 2077 fans can now fully indulge themselves in an upgraded gaming experience with these new 4K texture packs that elevate various aspects like NPCs and consumables' appearances. With minimal effect on VRAM usage across both Maximum and Performance versions available for download from Nexus Mods, there's no reason not to give these stunning visual upgrades a try and immerse oneself in the enhanced world of Night City.