Community Toxicity Challenges Experienced by Cities: Skylines 2 Creators

Frederick Jones


Community Toxicity Challenges Experienced by Cities: Skylines 2 Creators

The team behind Cities: Skylines 2 from Colossal Order has been grappling with escalating negativity in the game's community. The release of the city-building simulation game in late 2023 was met with mixed reactions, and despite subsequent patches and assurances from the developers, some players continue to express dissatisfaction.

A hallmark of Cities: Skylines 2 has been its ever-evolving nature, shaped in large part by its actively engaged developers. This responsive team has typically been open to receiving ideas and addressing issues raised by the community for the game's betterment. However, these direct lines of communication may be severed soon in light of increasing community toxicity.

In a recent blog post, Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order, shed light on discussions around the increasing toxicity. The developers and other community players were the targets, resulting in a degree of hesitation to participate in the community. It was expressed that in the long term, this could degrade the overall community mood, stifle creativity, and diminish the enthusiasm for modding. The urgent responsibility now is to foster a safe working environment for the developers.

Despite the challenges, the development team remains committed to accepting constructive criticism from the community. They believe that this feedback is crucial in understanding player satisfaction levels and the game's current standing. So, players who wish to make helpful comments are encouraged to continue sharing their insights.

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