Clubhouse Evolves: Speak Your Texts With Personalized AI Voice

Eleanor Lee


Clubhouse Evolves: Speak Your Texts With Personalized AI Voice

Clubhouse, the live audio app that skyrocketed to popularity during the height of the pandemic, has rolled out an intriguing new text-to-speech feature in a creative bid to rejuvenate its platform and retain its user base. This innovative update allows users to communicate via text that is then vocalized in the sender’s own distinctive voice, thanks to AI technology.

Starting as a haven for spontaneous, voice-based interaction, Clubhouse quickly became the digital town square where millions of users gathered for live discussions. However, with the world slowly returning to pre-pandemic normalcy, Clubhouse's user engagement started to decline. In response to this, Clubhouse has now introduced a game-changing feature allowing users to type out messages that are then converted into audio using a tailored AI voice resembling their own. The company promises a seamless integration of the custom voice technology, positing that said voice can be trained with just a few phrases, though it admittedly falls short of perfectly mimicking laughter.

Clubhouse's custom voice message aims to bring a personal touch to conversations even when one cannot send a vocal message, thereby maintaining the essence of intimate and immediate communication for which Clubhouse is known. The feature reflects an adaptation to the users' dynamic lifestyle, catering to those moments when speaking aloud isn't an option. For those concerned about privacy, Clubhouse also provides the option of a generated AI voice instead of a personal recording.

With this AI-driven feature currently exclusive to the U.S. market, Clubhouse is now at a pivotal point where innovation meets necessity. The platform's proactive shift into AI functionalities highlights a strategic pivot designed to combat declining downloads and user engagement. Nevertheless, the company expresses confidence in its longevity, citing several years' worth of operational runway still remaining.

As Clubhouse continues to experiment with AI to enhance its platform's user experience, it's clear that the social audio app still has a few tricks up its sleeve, reaffirming its commitment to providing unique and user-friendly communication tools. Whether this creative turn can significantly boost user retention and rekindle the app's former glory is a story that only time will tell.