Callisto Protocol Game Will Not Go To the Japanese

Eleanor Lee


Callisto Protocol Game Will Not Go To the Japanese

Callisto Protocol is a narrative-driven, third-person survival horror game set 300 years in the future. Players will have to battle their way out of the prison while uncovering the dark and disturbing secrets that lurk beneath the surface of Callisto. The game will feature a host of enemies to fight, such as monstrous creatures that have been transformed from the inmates. The game will also feature a variety of weapons and tools to help the player survive, as well as puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover.

The Callisto Protocol was set to be released on December 2. Unfortunately, it has recently been announced that the game will not receive a CERO rating, which is required to certify the game in Japan. This means that the game will not be available to Japanese gamers who pre-ordered the game and they will receive a refund.

The CERO rating system is a form of censorship in which some elements of the game process or design are prohibited. For example, the Chinese market often prohibits the image of bones. This means that certain scenes considered too graphic even for a video game cannot be included in the game. It is believed that the numerous cruel deaths of the game's protagonist, which includes being gruesomely torn to pieces by monsters, are what ultimately caused the game to be denied the rating.

The Callisto Protocol game will not be able to reach the Japanese market due to censorship restrictions. Although it is a shame that the developers of the game were not able to get their game certified, their commitment to preserving the integrity of the game is admirable. Despite the fact that the game will not be released in Japan, it will still be available to other parts of the world.