Apple Bans Mac Users from Using iMessage due to usage of Beeper Applications

Eleanor Lee


Apple Bans Mac Users from Using iMessage due to usage of Beeper Applications

The story of Beeper, a messaging app aggregator, not being able to use Apple's iMessage is continuing to unfold. Beeper, which was founded by Eric Migicovsky, allowed users to access messages from various services like WhatsApp, Instagram, Signal, Telegram, SMS and iMessage in one place. However, it appears that Apple has found a way to disable Beeper’s applications, particularly after the Beeper Mini for Android, which was briefly available before Apple intervened.

The problem has continued, with customers reporting that they can no longer use iMessage on their Macs if they have used Beeper’s apps. This prevents the applications from working as intended and fortuitously punishes customers who try using other solutions to access iMessage. The incident has led to ongoing tension between Apple and Beeper.

Customer complaints regarding Beeper's apps and the subsequent inability to use iMessage on their Mac computers have been widespread on various public forums including Reddit and Discord. Users have mentioned that their tech support experience with Apple reveals their computers are flagged due to spam or sending too many messages, which they argue is inaccurate. This further confirms the suspicion that Apple is purging them from the iMessage network.

Biper's attempts to continue developing an iMessage solution ended after launching the latest software, with Migicovsky announcing that they would not respond to any further interruptions from Apple. In conclusion, it is advised that those seeking clarity on the matter inquire with Apple if their Mac is in a "throttled status" or if the Apple ID has been blocked for spam. Some users have mentioned that acknowledging the utilization of third-party software has occasionally resulted in the removal of the ban.

There has been a wide array of reactions to the situation, with varying opinions expressed on platforms like Hacker News, and it has also caught the attention of lawmakers, leading to calls for an investigation into Apple’s “potential anticompetitive treatment” of the Beeper Mini application.