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One cannot help but draw parallels between My Talking Tom and the pocket pet frenzy that gripped us in the late '90s. This intriguing game grabbed the attention of my five-year-old daughter the moment she laid her eyes on it. She was eager to take care of her digital pet, Tom, on the iPhone. My Talking Tom, the enjoyable pet game for iPhone, entails looking after Tom in a myriad of ways including feeding him, entertaining him, and tending to his bathroom breaks. As your reward, you receive coins, which lets you customize Tom and his surroundings.

Initially, you are greeted by a standard gray cat exhibiting bright green eyes. His basic needs demand attention as he is famished, needs a nap, and requires a litter box. Serving these initial needs forms part of the learning curve for the young gamer or any pet enthusiast. With the tutorial concluded, you level up and become able to modify the fur and eye color of your virtual pet.

Similar to real pets, timely care is crucial in this game. Basic needs indicators at the screen's base transition from chartreuse to white as time progresses, revealing Tom's evolving needs. If the indication shows Tom needs sleep, pressing the moon icon leads you to the virtual pet's bedroom. After turning off the lights, Tom is off to his nocturnal escapades.

As players of My Talking Tom, your journey doesn't stop at caretaking only. The smiley face icon on the gaming screen transports you to a fun mini-game similar to Whack-a-Mole. By bashing the appearing mice, you collect coins, thereby enriching your funds to customize Tom's world.

In addition to the elements mentioned above, Tom can mimic your words, resulting in guaranteed laughter and amusement for kids. Be it random chit chat or silly remarks, having a virtual pet repeating what you say after you brings a unique charm to the game.


  • Easy gameplay tailor-made for kids;
  • Almost instant player engagement;
  • Allows extensive personalization of the pet;
  • Mini-game included speeding up level progression.


  • Mini-game may feel monotonous after some time;
  • Personalization items come at a steep price, although they can be earned in-game without any real-world monetary exchange;
  • The game presents unrealistic food choices for cats and promotes unhealthy food habits

My Talking Tom is an engaging game that fits perfectly for kids wanting a pet. It is a fun-filled, virtual pet-keeping experience that fosters a sense of responsibility in children. Despite a few minor hiccups, the game offers a unique blend of excitement and learning, making it a strong contender in the category of kids' games for iPhone.

Talking Tom Cat Logo
Author: Outfit7 Limited
Latest Version:
Publish Date: May 28, 2023
Size: Varies with device
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