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Loony Quack: Super Eggs

These nasty birds kept flying away before you had time to aim. I had to keep going back to the lake and raising my gun to get more points from a friend in the apartment across the street. And a dog with a nasty, squeaky laugh? How many nerves are consumed by this simple but so innovative and addictive game?


For those who have left their last lessons on how to shoot toy guns on television, there is good news - the ducks have risen and are now trying to carry out sweet revenge. They rise from their graves on smartphone screens and move forward, hoping to find someone's meat or at least bread. Various zombie ducks, Frankenstein, vampires, and witches slowly crawl off the screen. Of course, they must be stopped.


Loony Quack is a very simple but charming shooting range with many enemies and levels. Instead of a dangerous firearm, the protagonist uses rotten eggs. Usually, a targeted strike is enough to destroy enemies.