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Last Empire - War Z: Strategy

Last Empire War Z is a mobile world ruled by the living dead, a strategy that not only offers survival in a zombie-occupied world but also builds your empire on the ruins of a lost civilization.


Those familiar with a different strategy, Clash of Kings, will notice the similarities between the two games. The Last Empire is a clone of Kings Clash. The medieval castle was replaced by the base of the survivors of the post-apocalyptic world and hordes of monsters - zombies of different stripes. This also has advantages - Clash of Kings fans can easily navigate the familiar world. The gameplay of the strategy is not much different from its counterparts: we develop the base, get food, improve our character and fight zombies and other players. In our big test of Last Empire War Z, you can read everything in detail.


Players are divided into two types: active attacks against other bases and so-called farmers who prefer to live with other players in the world. It should be noted that the strategy belongs to the games with a military focus. As much as you want to live in peace with others, stronger players will attack you. You should always be prepared for this and treat it as something inevitable.


The main goal of the attackers is resources. To protect them, you need to choose the right strategy. If you need to accumulate a large number of resources (for example, to upgrade the base), it is better to use the peace shield when the attack is impossible.

Last Empire - War Z: Strategy Logo
Latest Version: 1.0.286
Publish Date: April 7, 2021
Size: Varies with device
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