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The player's task is to guide a small ball from the beginning of the maze to the endpoint and prevent it from falling into one of the many holes along the way.


The player can choose one of several difficulty modes and a specific ball. Labyrinth has a special, original mode - in it, the playing cards are presented in the form of various funny characters. In terms of difficulty, the original levels do not differ from the usual ones. Their trick lies in the unusual and very beautiful design of the cards.


Another interesting feature of the game is that each ball has its unique characteristics: maneuverability, speed, and rebound force. The player can choose the ball that seems best to him to complete the puzzle.


The gameplay in Labyrinth is quite challenging even in the beginning levels. The slightest deviation of the ball leads to a fatal error and loss. There is a possibility to calibrate the device in the settings and this should not be ignored. The more difficult the level, the more valuable the fractions of millimeters that separate the ball from falling and bounce become.


Labyrinth is a high-quality puzzle game with nice gameplay, realistic game physics, and excellent graphics.

Labyrinth Logo
Author: Illusion Labs
Latest Version: Varies with device
Publish Date: April 12, 2021
Size: Varies with device
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