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Empire War: Age of hero

Heroes of Empire: Age of War is a new 3D multiplayer strategy game with interesting features.


A huge new world opens up for the player in anticipation of his conqueror. He acts as the master of a small town. How powerful a ruler will become depends on his wise leadership and proper strategy. The objectives of the game are to maximize the skills of the lord and build a powerful citadel.


Like many other multiplayer strategy games, Heroes of Empire: Age of War focuses on the city's military development. The game has a good balance between improving all the buildings - no matter how much the player would like to build barracks faster, he can't do without upgrading farms, warehouses, and other outbuildings. This allows the city to develop evenly, but significantly reduces the rate of growth of military power.


Heroes of Empire: Age of War is an interesting large-scale multiplayer strategy that will appeal to fans of dynamic games with a military bias and the ability to communicate with other users around the world.