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Demolition Derby: Crash Racing

Demolition Derby is a competition that is held in the United States and some European countries. The point is that the competitors' cars are driven to the arena and rammed there until they are destroyed. The winner is the one whose car is the last one that can drive at least in some way.


The creators of Demolition Derby: Crash Racing have decided to bring this show to Android.


It's a bit unfair that there are off-road races, there are formula races, there are even illegal street races, and there are many, but demolition races are somehow taken away. And the originality of the theme is not the only thing that Demolition Derby: Crash Racing can be praised.


The guide deserves the warmest words. Some players find it more convenient to turn the car with arrows, and someone closer to turn the device. Demolition Derby: Crash Racing took into account the wishes of both types of players, implemented both types of controls, and just switched with one click.


Demolition Derby: Crash Racing is an interesting and unusual racing game, but unfortunately there are some weaknesses. Fans of the demolition derby and just people who like to destroy cars, at least in virtual reality, should like it. But if you are looking for more or less classic races without damage and advertising, you better pay attention to something else.