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Crossy Heroes: Avengers of Smashy City

Step-by-step action ... is such a genre possible? - Game developers from Wizard Games Incorporated once thought. And they thought so deeply that Cross Heroes was born - an original arcade game for superheroes in the style of Minecraft.


It all starts with the chosen superhero appearing in a world full of dangers, which is generated randomly every time. There are enemies with weapons, puddles of acid, mines, shooting towers ... cars that ultimately don't mind crushing the superhero, who spits out all his many feats


But as befits a true superhero, he does not lose heart and simply moves forward, sometimes destroying enemies in unique ways. Hawk shoots a bow, the Werewolf tears a victim with its claws, and so on. The farther you go before the superhero dies, the more experience you will gain. Experience and level unlock new characters, everything is very simple and logical.