Profile Photos Will Be Displayed for iOS Users in WhatsApp Group Chats

Frederick Jones


Profile Photos Will Be Displayed for iOS Users in WhatsApp Group Chats

It has become known that WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow you to display profile photos for each participant in a group chat. At this stage, a new feature is in development and there is no additional information about it. However, the news was made public a few days after the information appeared that WhatsApp on iOS would allow viewing the status in a group chat, which is already being actively tested for Android users.

Recently, the platform that is testing new functions for WhatsApp, WABetainfo, shared information that there will be a feature in the iOS application that will allow you to display a profile picture in a group chat. The profile picture will be displayed next to the sent message, while previously only the username was shown next to the message.

According to an insider, WhatsApp has already provided a new feature for testing. Also, the new feature cannot be toggled, so the profile picture will always be displayed next to the message in the group chat, regardless of the user's desire. At the moment, there is no information regarding the timing of the full release of the new feature. Only the start date for its development is known, which happened shortly after the addition of the ability to view the status of a profile in a group chat. To do this, click on the image of a member of the group. If necessary, notifications about status updates can be turned off.

In addition to the feature described above, it is also planned to add a function to undo deletion of messages, which will allow you to restore messages deleted by mistake. Also, it will be possible to delete some messages only for yourself, while the other user of the correspondence will continue to see them. Meanwhile, the time to recover deleted messages will be limited.

Would you like to be able to see the profile pictures of other group chat members? How soon do you think this feature will appear in WhatsApp? Please share your opinion below.