Thriving against the Odds: A Strategy Guide to Defeating Mulligan and Thornton Bosses in Alan Wake 2

Frederick Jones


Thriving against the Odds: A Strategy Guide to Defeating Mulligan and Thornton Bosses in Alan Wake 2

Set against the backdrop of eerie surroundings, Alan Wake 2 blends horror and survivalism themes into an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience. As anticipated, this latest installation comes loaded with challenging boss battles, including a gripping showdown against corrupted deputies Mulligan and Thornton. Let's delve into an effective strategy for subduing these formidable opponents.

Disclaimer: Spoiler alert for Alan Wake 2

The Corrupted Deputies: An Introduction

The Corrupted Deputies game screen

The Watkins Deep Woods Dark Place stage brings you face-to-face with these intimidating foes after setting foot in the clearing area. Marked by several darkness nodes sprinkling the environment, the clearing serves as the battleground arena against Mulligan and Thornton who continually regenerate if the darkness nodes are not demolished. Before rushing into battle, it's imperative to survey the field and understand your adversaries.

Plan: One-on-One Encounters

Armed with a sniper rifle, Thornton ambushes players from the will first, hurting players with his highly accurate and speedy shots. Developing a knack for anticipating Thornton’s attack rhythm, marked by the recognizable sound of cocking his rifle, enables players to dodge his attacks successfully. It's a tussle of quick reaction times where you fire back after every evasion till Thornton collapses and disappears. It's crucial to capitalize on this brief respite by eliminating two or three darkness nodes before facing Mulligan.

Mulligan, contrary to Thornton, directly charges at the players wielding a shotgun. If you've managed to gather a saw-off shotgun by now, you're ideally equipped to counter Mulligan's assaults head-on. If not, using your pistol should suffice. Just like Thornton, Mulligan collapses and disappears after sustaining a certain amount of damage, permitting you to further reduce the number of darkness nodes. Be prepared for the rifling Thornton to resurface soon enough, though.

Phase 2: Double Boss Encounter

Double Boss Encounter game screen

All six darkness nodes eliminated, brace yourselves for the ultimate phase of the battle where both opponents rise together from the well. This time, however, the bosses have lost their invincibility, making them susceptible to your attacks. Packing a propane tank makes this part significantly smoother by merely placing it near the well and shooting it to cause an explosion as soon as the bosses appear.

Survival Tactics for Simultaneous Attacks

In case you're out of propane tanks, the strategy should focus on taking down Thornton first as his specialized rifle attacks pose graver threats than Mulligan's relatively predictable shotgun advances. Swaying away from Mulligan’s range while listening out for Thornton's rifle cocking sound is a helpful tip here. Getting to this point should make the final part of the battle manageable as long as you avoid walking straight into Mulligan's shotgun’s firing trajectory.

Overcoming this intense battle against Mulligan and Thornton indeed requires agility and an appreciation of the battle's rhythm. As challenging as it is, the right tactics can ensure victory within grasp. Now that you're equipped with the strategy guide, it's time for you to brave through the dark woods and claim your triumph against the corrupted deputies on PC, Xbox Series X/S, or PS5.