Baby D.Va is More Powerful Than Ever Thanks to Overwatch 2's Hidden Ability

Frederick Jones


Baby D.Va is More Powerful Than Ever Thanks to Overwatch 2's Hidden Ability

Have you ever wanted to play a more powerful version of Baby D.Va? Well, now you can with the hidden ability offered by Overwatch 2! This passive ability gives her increased health regeneration and decreased knockback when playing in her MEKA form, making her an even more formidable tank than before. Read on to find out more about this secret power-up for Baby D.Va! 

In Overwatch 2, each hero has its own set of passive abilities that are dependent on their role. For example, DPS heroes have their passives changing from season to season but tanks and supports remain consistent. The new passive abilities for tanks and supports include health regeneration after not taking damage for a short period of time as well as decreased knockback effect when they are hit by enemy attacks or abilities. 

In addition to these passives, it turns out that the same applies for any hero playing in their secondary MEKA form - which includes Baby D.Va! She will benefit from increased health regeneration as well as lower amount of knockback she normally receives when attacked by enemies - making her an even stronger tank than before while still having the advantage of being smaller and harder to hit compared to other tanks like Reinhardt or Orisa. 

Moreover, this hidden ability also applies during team fights where Baby D.Va can use her self-destruct ultimate without worrying about taking too much damage since she will be able to regenerate some health back during the fight if needed - allowing her team one extra chance at winning those clutch situations due to her extra durability provided by Overwatch 2’s hidden ability! 

To sum up, players who choose Baby Dva as their main tank character will be pleased with what Blizzard has done with Overwatch 2’s hidden ability regarding MEKA forms - providing additional protection against enemy attacks while still maintaining the agility and small size that makes them so great at defending objectives or pushing payloads quickly across maps in competitive matches or quickplay games alike! With all these benefits combined together, it is no surprise why many players love using this particular hero so much in both casual and professional play alike!