5 Best Hotel Booking Apps of 2022

Eleanor Lee


5 Best Hotel Booking Apps of 2022

Today, planning trips is easier than ever. It is no longer necessary to sit in front of the screen for a week, choosing the optimal housing. Hotel booking apps have done it for you.

To gain travelers' loyalty, apps compete in providing convenient and useful services. 

Advantages of booking a hotel through the app:

  •     a wide selection of accommodation
  •     exclusive services not available on the website;
  •     personal offers;
  •     discounts;
  •     mainly lack attachment to one hotel brand.

How to Travel Smartly

Let's see five apps designed to relieve your vacation of unnecessary troubles and give you new pleasant experiences.

1. Booking.com

Everyone might have booked accommodation on this site at least once. Its app is no less reliable assistance in planning a trip. Here you will find many housing options in any corner of the planet. The program carefully saves all your overnight stays. Additional loyalty discounts are usually available to Booking.com users worldwide, which the app will always remind you about.

2. Hotels.com

This name might be familiar, too. Hotels.com offers apartments in hundreds of thousands of locations in more than 200 countries. It is most profitable to book accommodation through the app. After all, among the company's advantages is a free night, which you get for every ten nights you book through it. However, the condition of receiving a reward is valid only if you book free overnight through the app.

3. Priceline

Remember Priceline's "Name your price" system? In 2016, the company presented two new, no less attractive options. With the Pricebreakers, you book one of three hotels for a fixed price, but you will find out which one only upon arrival. Express deals will also give you some adrenaline. You know the price, approximate location, comfort level, and bed size. You are offered three hotels, but only one is real. The case when the adventures begin even before the trip! 

4. HotelTonight

Finding yourself in an unfamiliar city late at night — not every traveler is ready for such an adventure. However, no one is immune from a flight cancellation. In this case, HotelTonight becomes a real savior. Using this app, you will relax in a cozy room this evening. The convenient app allows you to book a hotel seven days in advance. By the way, sometimes with a discount of up to 50%. The program's express offers are valid every day at noon.

5. Hilton Honors

It is better to see it once — it is about booking a hotel through Hilton Honors. The app allows you to view the apartments and choose one with a dreamful view from the window. In addition, it functions as an electronic key. With the app, you can check out the room at the end of your stay. And, of course, it makes it easy to manage your rewards and keep track of promotions.

Booking hotels through the application is a convenient search, additional services, loyalty points, and saving time and money. That is why it has become common for those who prefer to travel smartly.

Do you use applications for booking hotels? Share your experience with us!