Zack Snyder Envisions Tight Release Schedule for Rebel Moon Duology

Eleanor Lee


Zack Snyder Envisions Tight Release Schedule for Rebel Moon Duology

Zack Snyder's ambitious project, Rebel Moon, the two-part saga, has viewers eagerly anticipating its next installment on Netflix, following the first chapter's debut in December. The sequel, dubbed "Rebel Moon: The Scargiver," is slated for an April release, keeping the gap between the two movies relatively narrow. Despite this quick turnaround, Snyder had initially hoped for an even closer release timeframe for the two films, aiming for just a month's difference to maintain audience engagement and momentum.

In a revelation to SFX magazine's latest edition, which also delves into the fifth season of Star Trek: Discovery, Snyder expressed his wish for the duo of films to be released closer to one another. He believed that capitalizing on the audience's fresh memories of the first film would have been ideal for the sequel's impact. The essence was to leverage the continuity of interest and discussion among the series' fans.

Zack Snyder's filmmaking partner and spouse, Deborah Snyder, who has been a constant collaborator since the days of 300 in 2006, shared insights into their decision to split the narrative across two films. She emphasized the narrative and character development necessities that drove the separation into two distinct parts rather than a single, lengthy feature. This strategy was intended to afford the storyline and its characters a more expansive canvas to unfold, ensuring a richer and more engaging experience for the audience.

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Ahead of its release on April 19, "Rebel Moon: The Scargiver" has sparked considerable curiosity. This anticipation is fueled further by the insights shared in SFX's recent issue, which, alongside its coverage of "Rebel Moon," offers an in-depth look into the Star Trek: Discovery new season. The magazine is available since March 20, promising a blend of exclusives for enthusiast readers.