Star Citizen Temporary Wonders: Unveils Short-Term Free-To-Play

Eleanor Lee


Star Citizen Temporary Wonders: Unveils Short-Term Free-To-Play

Cloud Imperium Games, the creators behind the in-progress space simulator, Star Citizen, have recently unveiled their first "Free Fly" event for the year 2024. During this event, the game can be explored by players without investing any money. The inaugural Free Fly program commenced on February 8, and is scheduled to last till February 15.

The event allows users to experience five exclusive ships, such as the Prospector (assigned for mining) and the Origin 400i, a touring ship. Moreover, those who last participated during the previous Free Fly event should be aware of the additional accessible features, such as new open-world settlements, various hairstyles, and extended PvP content, introduced for the game in December.

Star Citizen’s development journey has been an intriguing one. Originally revealed in 2012, the game has been available in an alpha state for some time, though its full release date remains indeterminate. Despite surpassing its initial goal of amassing $500,000 (approximately £395,700) on Kickstarter and earning over $2 million (approximately £1.69 million), the game still generates revenue by marketing "starter packs," in-game spaceships and other such commodities. Currently, one such package, dubbed Legatus 2953, is priced incredibly at $57,600 (£46,080).

The full release date of the game is yet to be announced, but new content additions continue regularly. For those hesitant to try it out, the present free-to-play opportunity can be a great resource to discover the game offerings. For those on the hunt for some fresh gaming experiences to immerse in, our list of top-tier PC games and the best free games could offer some fantastic suggestions.