Revitalizing a Classic: Dark Souls 2 Hits 120fps with New Mod

Frederick Jones


Revitalizing a Classic: Dark Souls 2 Hits 120fps with New Mod

Decade-old Dark Souls 2 has been given a new breath of life as modders have stepped in to unlock a smoother, more immersive gameplay experience. The gaming community has been buzzing since the introduction of DS2FrameUnlimiter, a mod that enhances the game's performance, allowing it to surpass the original 60fps cap, as of March 13.

Engineered for the Scholar of the First Sin edition, this mod removes the in-built framerate limiter, empowering the game to achieve 120fps and more. The creators at NexusMods have addressed and resolved common issues associated with such enhancements, such as accelerated health and stamina dynamics, ensuring these remain consistent with the game's standard 60fps operation. Furthermore, the realism of physical interactions and movements within the game, from weapon wear to cloth and jump dynamics, is maintained across varying framerates.

Emoose, the mind behind this innovation, has shared that while there is substantial progress, the mod is still undergoing improvements. Currently available in offline mode only, its compatibility with online play is under careful consideration to prevent any potential negative impact on the multiplayer experience.

This remarkable development arrives just in time as fans eagerly await the upcoming Elden Ring DLC. It presents an opportune moment for veterans and newcomers alike to dive back into the challenging world of Dark Souls 2 and experience the enhanced gameplay before venturing into new adventures. Critics and gamers alike have praised this sequel for its rigorous demand for focus and its rewarding nature, emphasizing its standing as a distinct and unforgettable journey in the gaming lore.

The terminology to describe FromSoftware's iconic series has evolved, reflecting a diversification in the studio's portfolio and the unique identity of each title, including Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and the monumental Elden Ring.