Initial PC Patch for Helldivers 2 Enhances Matchmaking and Resolves Crashes

Frederick Jones


Initial PC Patch for Helldivers 2 Enhances Matchmaking and Resolves Crashes

Arrowhead Game Studios' eagerly awaited Helldivers 2, a third-person shooter game, just got an update on PC. The first patch aims to enhance the matchmaking system and resolve some glitches experienced by gamers. The developers, however, state that there are more concerns they still need to address.

The game, released on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam on February 8, experienced some hurdles at launch. Several players reported technical difficulties, which included server crashes and hiccups in matchmaking. Prior to the patch, players had been advised to engage in multiplayer gaming with friends, as matchmaking seemed to have no issues in that instance.

In an evening announcement, Arrowhead Game Studios confirmed the release of the first patch on Steam. According to game director Mikael Eriksson, the patch not only improves PC matchmaking but also addresses other identified crash issues. Eriksson also intimated that the team recognizes there are more problems requiring solutions and reassured gamers that they are continually resolving these issues for a better gaming experience.

Eriksson had earlier indicated that the update would first be implemented on Steam, then swiftly rolled out onto PS5. At the moment, this has not happened, but console gamers can expect a remedy soon.

Despite the initial unstable launch, Helldivers 2 promises much excitement for players. Arrowhead Game Studios assured us that free post-launch story updates would be provided. Game writer Stephen Flowers hinted at a transformational trajectory for the game in future editions, promising an entirely different galaxy. Further, for gamers seeking gaming experiences similar to Helldivers 2, recommendations for the best co-op and multiplayer PC games can be found.