In the Ukrainian Game Shatterline Came Out the Second Season

Frederick Jones


In the Ukrainian Game Shatterline Came Out the Second Season

The long-awaited second season of the Ukrainian game Shatterline has finally arrived, and it includes a new combat pass, new legendary modifications for weapons, and many improvements that players have been asking for.

One of the most anticipated features of the new season is the new combat pass. This pass will include new challenges and rewards, as well as the return of the popular "Alfa" modifications. These modifications were previously only available through the combat pass, but will now be available to craft through the Kraft machine.

Another exciting new feature is the new expedition season: bodybuilder. In this mode, players will start with 2/3 of their health, and will increase their level by killing enemies with a weapon that is specific to their character.

Among the interesting:

  1. New combat pass;
  2. New expedition season: bodybuilder, where a player starts a game with 2/3 of health and increases his level by killing enemies from a weapon profile for his character;
  3. New quest: "Koshchi" and 5 new quests for boxes with supplies;
  4. The new episode of PV "Cyber Support" and the modes are infected with hekeatob, PVP "Domination". Cotton mode is cleaned. PV missions will change on a rotary basis.
  5. Improving productivity;
  6. Changes in the balance sheet, among which the mechanics of the first aid kit Malva and mechanics of work are processed.
  7. New animations;
  8. Improved AIM Assistant Player Player Parameter. There are now several variants of assistant intensity.